One of the aims of BELMAS is to promote learning and development in educational leadership, management and administration. BELMAS International Partnership Grants (IPGs) are a way supporting learning and development activities in educational leadership in countries with developing economies. IPGs are thus entirely consistent with the aims of the Society. They are intended to support ventures that generate dynamism and creativity in the educational leadership and management field and promote learning, development and improvement. The following notes set out the various stages of the application process and also explain the kinds of enterprise the Society wishes to support.

Criteria for the award of BELMAS International Partnership Grants

The overarching aim for making available International Partnership Grants is to promote the field of educational leadership and management in the applicant’s country. The Society invites applications for IPGs that aim to:

  • lead to well defined and worthwhile outcomes;
  • give rise to mutual benefit for the organisations involved;
  • engage both practitioners and academics;
  • adhere to a realistic budget;
  • take account of associated risks; and
  • demonstrate joint development by the organisations involved.

Examples of the kinds of activities that could be supported by an IPG include the following:

  • Support for a national conference or seminar at which BELMAS members (practitioners and academics) contributed. A report of the conference/seminar is made to the BELMAS annual conference;
  • Support for developing an academic or professional journal in educational leadership and management which drew on and enhanced the management of the Society’s journals; and
  • Support for small-scale innovative research and development activities, the outcomes of which would feature in a report at the annual conference or as a submission to one of the Society’s journals.

These examples are illustrative and are not meant to constrain innovation and creativity.

Applications must be made on behalf of a national organisation affiliated to the Commonwealth Council for Educational Administration and Management (CCEAM) or the European Forum for Educational Administration (EFEA).   The application must be signed by an officer of the affiliated body, who should affirm that it has the support of that national body.    Funding is limited to a maximum of £10,000, with a limit of £5,000 for any one year.   Applications for smaller sums are welcome.

Before making a formal application, applicants should discuss their ideas with the International Co-ordinator, or a member of the Society’s National Council, all of whom can be contacted through the Society’s website, www.BELMAS.org.uk.

Completing the application form

The Society welcomes applications where there is additional funding from another organisation or institution. Information about additional sources of funding should be included in the application.
Dissemination of the activity is a key requirement of any award. Dissemination plans, which should be included in the application, would normally include an intention to:

  • publish the outcomes in one or both of the Society’s journals - ‘Educational Management, Administration and Leadership’ and ‘Management in Education’; and/or
  • present a paper describing the project and the outcomes at the BELMAS Annual Conference, which is held in the summer term each year.

Any dissemination activity and any communication relating to the project should acknowledge that the project has been funded by a BELMAS International Partnership Grant.

Submitting an application

Completed application forms should be emailed to the BELMAS office at info@belmas.org.uk or can be posted to: BELMAS, Room 50, Victoria Hall, Norfolk Street, Sheffield, S1 2JB

Applications will be considered by the Society’s International Co-ordinator, who will make a recommendation to the BELMAS National Council at their March, June, October or December meetings. They decide whether the Society should award the grant.

Please try to ensure that you give sufficient time for your application to be processed. We suggest that you allow at least three months for the process to run its course.

Click here for application form.