The BELMAS Council
The BELMAS Council is legally responsible for the Society and for the Society~’s strategic leadership and management. It comprises:
  • The Society's President
  • The Society's Vice Presidents
  • The members of the Executive Committee
  • The immediate past Chair of Council
  • Elected members
    The Council Chair, the Council Vice-Chair, the Treasurer and the Secretary are elected annually at the AGM. Normally, the Council Chair and Council Vice-Chair only stand for re-election once and the Council Vice-Chair is also Council Chair elect. One third of the elected Council members (excluding the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) are elected annually. Only elected members have voting rights. The Council may co-opt up to six members on an annual basis to ensure that it has the required breadth of expertise and representation.
    The Council meets four times a year and meetings are chaired by the Council Chair.
    The Council appoints the Society’s Executive Committee annually, usually immediately after the AGM. The members of Executive Committee are responsible for various activities as follows:
  • Council Chair (The overall management of the Society)
  • Council Vice Chair (External relations)
  • Treasurer (The financial affairs of the Society)
  • Secretary (Legal, constitutional and procedural matters)
  • Coordinator for internal relations
  • International Coordinator
  • Research Coordinator
  • Publications Coordinator
    The Executive Committee meets four times each year, including at the Annual Conference, and meetings are chaired by the Council Chair.